Nivcoe Investment Group is executing a tightly focused acquisition strategy of buying middle market, under-performing multifamily assets that can be repositioned toward the rapidly growing Hispanic demographic niche market using a community lifestyle approach.

The most viable formula is one that works. Some in our industry call it a niche, and we are solidly entrenched in a unique niche investment strategy that has proven itself over and over again.

We have learned that buying value-added, under-performing multifamily properties and repositioning them to a growing and under-served target segment using the Nivcoe Investment Group advantage creates excellent opportunity for profit.

The ACH Process


Class B and Class C multifamily assets with value and characteristics at stabilized cap rates of 7+%


Substantial Florida Metro Area portfolio on an asset-by-asset basis in middle markets with a high percentage of Hispanics residing in a high growth area.


Diversified and knowledgeable development team to oversee clean-up and operations.


We cultivate long-term relationships with every party involved in our business and benefit the lives of everyone we touch. Caring about our people, our residents, our lenders and our investors is what distinguishes us; this is the Nivcoe Way.


Knowing who you are as a business, and perhaps more importantly who you are not, are keys to building a great organization. At Nivcoe we are focused on a single industry niche in a single market: multifamily real estate investments in the State of Florida. We believe that diversification in too many industries can become a weakness, and we will be the first ones to turn down a project if it is not aligned to our core focus.


A unique emphasis on results coupled with a timeless belief that ‘there’s always room to improve’ is what makes us relentless. Strong performance is the result of doing the daily tasks in an excellent manner while always keeping the long-term effects of success in mind.