Why Florida? Why the Hispanic Lifestyle?

Hispanics are the fastest demographic in the USA rising at 17% yearly and said to increase up to 26% by 2050. Miami has seen the greatest impact with 70% of its population being Hispanic, 54% of which are represented by Cuban Hispanics.

More Hispanics will be entering the US and primarily the state of Florida because of President Obama and a renewal of ties with the island nations. Here are a few reasons why Florida will be a prominent place for Hispanics to migrate and the benefits our strategy will have as a result of the influence this particular group will have upon the rental market:

Living close to other relatives already here in Florida

Many of the Hispanic individuals will migrate to a place here other relatives are present.

Economic Betterment

Hispanics, primarily Cubans are concerned with the economy in Cuba and they are migrating to other areas such as Florida, for work and hopes of living the American Dream.

Fleeing prior to political changes

There will be more Hispanics coming to the United States before the political agendas can be played out, in the hopes of having the advantage to live freely and ultimate become citizens.

What the consumers want

Hispanics are more likely to buy from a community that identifies with their native language and with professionals who identify with them as well.

Culture Adoption

Creating an atmosphere that is keenly sensitive to local nuances and customs that will attract these clients.