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Reginal Ovince

Founder / CEO

Reginal Ovince

Founder / CEO

Reginal Ovince buys, syndicates and repositions multifamily properties primarily focused in the state of Florida where he oversees the acquisitions, construction, financing, and management of Nivcoe Investment Group. He has been investing in Multi-Family Real Estate since the early 2000’s and has purchased and managed over 200 properties to date – ranging from $500K to $20 Million in Arizona, Georgia, and Florida. Ovince has dedicated 19 years to investing and repositioning multifamily & residential assets for maximum growth, producing a consistent ROI for his clients and partners.

Author of “How to Make Money with Foreclosures.”

Other Members of The Team

Steve Gray

Management Director

Davidson St Fort

Managing Partner

Michael Taylor

Business Dev. & Relations

John Andrews

Capital Market Analyst

Robert Morillo

Acquisitions Specialist